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New Service & Support Portal Now Live

support-portal.jpgEnterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) will change a lot about how you work, including new, streamlined processes and leading-edge technology solutions.  

In conjunction with ESR, the way you experience customer support campuswide will also change. On January 13, a new, centralized Service & Support Portal came online at The site provides one place for faculty, staff and students to access help for business services and IT needs. 

Why centralize? “As a university, we’re moving to a concept of comprehensive customer service management,” explains Brett Pollak, Director of Workplace Technology Services in IT Services.  

The upshot is a much fuller and clearer view of customer service campuswide. “For all departments using the portal, we’ll have a common set of metrics to track,” says Pollak. “We can look at customer response rates and case resolution and aging details globally, and have a more complete view of the customer experience across multiple departments."  

Support for the following units is currently available via the portal: 

  • IT Services  
  • General Accounting 
  • Advancement (Gift Funds)  
  • Office of Post Award Financial Services is currently available on the site  

Next week, support for the new ESR Kuali Research and Kuali Conflict of Interest systems will be available through the portal. In coming months, other offices will transition their support out of ASK and other platforms into the Service & Support Portal.  

Centralizing support as ESR systems deploy also confers benefits. Says Pollak, “Having all of our campus support units aligned on a common case management platform as new ESR systems come online will allow us to support our clients in a 'hypercare' mode of operation. This means questions or issues can be effectively triaged to the right folks for quicker resolution. Because these new systems come with new and different capabilities, an issue solved by IT in the past could now be resolved by the business. Although we aim to provide resolution on first contact, being on a common case management platform will allow us to pass cases between the business and IT in a seamless manner to our clients.” 

For more information,  

  • Read the Campus Notice announcing the portal 
  • Learn about the project on the ESR website (including the schedule for other units to transition support into the portal) 

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