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APNext Team Attends New Faculty Orientation

UC San Diego’s new faculty orientation took place September 24, and the APNext team was on hand to talk about Interfolio, the new faculty review solution we’re currently piloting. At our booth we provided live demonstrations and talked about Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR).

Having a presence at this event was important to start the socialization of the project to new faculty since they have no previous knowledge of the old systems and processes. This project will be implemented in full by the time they are due for review in a few years. 

We received several comments from new faculty saying they were excited to see the digital solutions that our campus will be implementing. They look forward to learning more about the new systems when they are rolled out in their respective departments. 

The project team will be working with these new faculty to set them up as users in Interfolio so they can start saving and curating materials they would like to include in their next review file. There is a lot to learn when someone is newly appointed at UC San Diego, so the best thing we can do is provide them with exciting technology to support them in their professional journey.

The annual new faculty orientation welcomes newly appointed ladder-rank faculty and teaching professors from general campus and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It provides them with information critical to their success here at UC San Diego. The orientation included brief presentations and interactive Q&A sessions with key administrators and Academic Senate leaders on issues of specific interest to new faculty as well as an expo with information booths and representatives from critical campus support units.

Want to learn more about the future of academic reviews at UC San Diego? Read up on why digitizing the process provides us a more "faculty first" approach, or learn more about Interfolio and its capabilities.  

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