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EDMS Launches Enrollment Management

Cloud-storage.pngThe Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) project has cleared another milestone with the recent go live of the solution for Enrollment Management. The EDMS solution, known as OnBase, securely stores campus documents that need to be retained for legal and regulatory purposes, such as contracts and agreements, human resources records and policy documents. 

“OnBase is an amazing tool,” raves Laura McElroy, senior administrative analyst in Enrollment Management. “It has the capability to do almost anything you want it to and to talk to any system.  Having the campus purchase it and support it centrally opens up more features and access to online training that we didn’t previously have.” 

The applications on OnBase are wide ranging, with personnel in Enrollment Management looking forward to creating electronic forms and the ability to have information updated instantly (as opposed to overnight in the current environment). 

McElroy notes that already over 30 paper forms have been converted to e-forms and will be put into use soon. “This single feature has the potential to revolutionize our interaction with students and collect the data we need quickly and securely.” 

Additionally, David Garrison, senior associate registrar, comments, “In the Office of the Registrar we are looking forward to leveraging workflow functionality for everything from Veteran Services to graduation processing. The potential is enormous.”  

Ultimately, a solution like OnBase is in place to make the university environment as secure as possible. “We store an enormous amount of sensitive data on campus, and a unified security protocol for protecting that data is crucial to our business processes,” says Garrison.  

“Federal and state laws require that we keep our data secure, but more than that I think it is about trust and doing the right thing,” explains McElroy. “We want to protect our students and families. It is nice to know we are putting the tools and training in place to keep them secure.” 

OnBase has been used at UC San Diego in separate instances by the Enrollment Management and Health Sciences Research Service Core (RSC) departments. The cloud version for RSC is slated for mid-August. From there, OnBase will be introduced campus-wide in early 2020.  

To learn more about the EDMS, check out the project description page as well as “Document Management Made Easy.”  

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