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Meet the EIM Team for Organizational Change Management

The ESR Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) project will improve the way our community members get accounts and gain access to various systems and services in a timely manner. The project will include a focus on bolstering security for individual identity and university resource access. 

The project team has been making great strides toward understanding how an ever-evolving university handles a user’s identity throughout their relationship with UC San Diego. In the project’s first of four phases, the critical systems and processes that underlie all future enhancements and services are being established. With that work in motion, the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team is focusing on the faculty, staff and students who are affected by the changes EIM presents. 

Meet the OCM Team

With oversight from Mojgan Amini, Senior Director of Process Management & Continuous Improvement, and Lynn Underwood, Director of Strategic Organizational Change Management, the current OCM efforts for EIM includes:

  • Jason Andrews, Change Lead & Practitioner
  • Misty Cervantes Nguyen, Change Lead 
  • Kate Balderston, Business Process Lead
  • Douglas Bonilla, Change Practitioner

These talented individuals are dedicated to their goal – to frame, enact, communicate, support, empower and sustain change. Unlike the technical team, they focus on the people who are facing change through all stages of the project, even beyond go-live. They consider the perspective of the individual and the organization and balance the needs of people from all backgrounds and areas of campus with the coming technical changes. 

As the project’s change lead, Jason Andrews brings his Lean Six Sigma black belt to the table along with experience in end-user and departmental impacts of previous ESR project deployments and campus collaboration related to programs. 

“We understand this is an important change for folks, but not one that will hinder their everyday duties,” said Jason. “We recognize that EIM comes with a huge upside for both the university and our community at large– the university becomes a safer place and we are more protected as a result. However, making a sweeping change across the entirety of the university has a big impact on our community in vastly different ways. Folks have questions and concerns, and we’re working hard to hear everyone out, find those answers and alleviate those concerns.”

Misty Cervantes Nguyen, from the School of Global Policy and Strategy, is joining the OCM team in February. Misty has been engaging with the identity conversation since 2015 and brings in depth knowledge of academic business processes. Misty has worked in several Vice Chancellor areas in high level administrative positions and understands the problems departments face when it comes to identity management. Her logistical and people skills in managing several reorganizations will be useful as she helps departments navigate this ESR project. Misty’s addition represents the commitment to campus “in-sourcing” of institutional knowledge on enterprise system renewal projects.  

"If you're like me," said Misty, "identity management has been an important conversation for campus for years. I am so excited that the improvements are going to become a reality and look forward to making sure that your voices are heard as we strive for a smooth, well-thought out transition."

Kate Balderston, who serves as the EIM Business Process Lead, joins the team from the Jacobs School of Engineering where she oversees ESR transition for the division and coordinates the Administrative Process Excellence (APEX) program. Kate brings a detailed understanding of academic personnel and policy, human resource administration, financial processing, facility administration and student affairs background that will help guide the project in understanding all of the related identity management needs.

“As the Business Process Lead with the OCM team, we’re there to capture and understand the nuance of project impacts, so we can be more effective and avoid any issues early on,” said Kate. 

Douglas Bonilla, from the IT Services Communications and Outreach team, is the project’s change practitioner, supporting the team with an in-depth understanding of communication strategy and campus collaboration in service of department initiatives and goals. 

“If you haven’t heard about EIM yet, that’s okay,” said Douglas. “We’re at the stage now where we are engaging campus to develop effective communications, consulting subject matter experts and crafting presentations for technical audiences.” 

What’s Changing? 

During this first phase, the project team will be setting the foundation for future Identity Management systems. Some of the coming changes include: 

  • Standardized and automated account creation and provisioning for students and employees 
  • Conflicted username resolution across campus domains such as, and
  • Reduction of duplicated records with a new, global backend identifier (TritonID) to systematically and seamlessly connect records across university systems, unifying historical use of your identity and ensuring your identity record is as accurate as possible 
  • Streamlined Active Directory and email account creation for students and university personnel

Join the Conversation

The success of the project is dependent on the active participation of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across campus to develop the process landscape surrounding EIM. 

If you are interested in engaging with the EIM project, SME opportunities are available for future business process landscape tracks, as well as openings for EIM Change Leads and Change Practitioners. Contact today.

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