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Enterprise Identity Management Project Update

The Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) project continues to move ahead with new talent on the project team as well as contributors from across campus. Each brings their unique knowledge and skills to the project.

The project team also evaluated what it set out to accomplish and the services they will deliver. Adjustments were informed by conversations with campus technical, student and human resources partners and EIM Governance. The result is a more focused ESR project that includes prioritized services and requirements of a stable EIM architecture. With this change, previously identified work was moved to the service roadmap. After the project completes, roadmap work will be prioritized and addressed as ongoing updates and enhancements. This change has allowed the project team to focus on establishing a strong technical foundation to ensure easy maintenance, updates and a system that scales to accommodate future needs.

In addition, the documentation of current processes for identity management that started in 2021 continues to this day. Current work focuses on three primary audiences: students, employees and technical staff.

Committed and talented campus and Health experts have worked with the team to document their current business processes. To date, 120 of these subject matter experts (SMEs) from more than 50 campus departments have participated, dedicating approximately 2462 total hours across 74 sessions to the review of these processes.

These hard-working SMEs have identified 284 systems and applications currently in use, 17 significant variations in employee account creation processes among units and 41 variations in student processes across divisions.

The SMEs have also documented access needs and user identities, process wish list items and pain points related to current processes and systems.

The EIM project team has conducted surveys to understand general awareness of identity management and the EIM project, published eight news articles and created the "Identity in a Nutshell" video explaining the basics of identity management in an easy-to-understand format.

The projected go-live with the newly defined deliverables is late Summer 2023.

Learn more about EIM and the project's refined deliverables on the EIM project pages.

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