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Kuali COI Web-Based Electronic System

The Kuali system is targeted for go live in early 2020 to aid sponsored research administration, Conflict of Interest tracking and Institutional Review Board (IRBcompliance tracking for human subjects testing.

The Kuali COI module is a web-based platform that provides an electronic disclosure process for conflict of interest. Kuali COI is designed to collect, process, store and report information about a discloser’s financial interests. 

With COI implementation, we will be able to:

  • Remove the archaic paper and PDFs submission processKuali logo
  • Streamline the current COI disclosure and business processes
  • Improve compliance with federal and state regulations and university policies for conflict of interest

The Kuali COI module will integrate with Kuali Research to automate and facilitate the completion of conflict of interestdisclosure forms for employees and affiliates in research.

In order for the Kuali COI system to be compliant with University of California’s various conflict of interest policies, the “out-of-the-box" version of Kuali COI requires significant enhancements, which have been underway since November 2018.

What Kuali COI Means to You

Kuali COI will launch on January 21, 2020. Some key features are:

  • Replacing the PHS and 9510 paper COI form
    For investigators with federal research (i.e., Public Health Service and non-Public Health Service) there will be “portfolio concept,” which allows investigators to submit and update an annual research-related conflict of interest (COI) disclosure form and disclose any new financial interests. 

    The Investigator will receive automated email reminders from Kuali COI 30 days prior to the disclosure expiration date, based on the last date of approval.

  • Replacing the 700U paper COI form
    For investigators with non-federal funded research or other related activities (e.g., gifts, services and human subjects research) the system will require a COI disclosure for each project.

    The Kuali COI system will generate an automated email to inform the investigator to submit a COI disclosure.
  • Assigning delegates
    Investigators will be able to assign their support staff as delegates to receive automated emails and review and enter certain types of data elements in the Kuali COI system.

Training and More Information

The Kuali Research and COI project teams will be engaging faculty and staff for training in November and December of 2019 with learning labs and virtual instructor-led training.

Find Kuali COI's training strategy on the Kuali COI website.

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