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SIS Moves Forward with Executive Support

The Student Information System (SIS) renewal effort has been charging ahead for over a year now. It is designed to concurrently replace outdated student systems with new, more flexible technology, improve business processes and practices, and offer a more user-friendly experience for students.

Despite having had to to rapidly transition to remote operations in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SIS team has continued its work on schedule. Recent SIS efforts included the issuance of a request for proposal (RFP) and engagement by hundreds of staff members participating in process mapping exercises that will help plan for the future SIS.

For project sponsor Elizabeth H. Simmons, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, SIS plays a critical role in UC San Diego’s continued evolution as a student-centered and data-driven institution. She continues to support the SIS renewal process fully, even as the university faces challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Enterprise Systems Renewal and the Student Information System project are absolutely essential,” said EVC Simmons.

Responding with Resiliency

EVC Simmons acknowledges and deeply appreciates that all staff, whether they’re working on SIS directly or not, have faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and have truly risen to the occasion. The response and resiliency of exemplary staff reinforce the importance and value of SIS.

“When we suddenly shifted to remote operations, everyone – faculty, students and staff – made an instant pivot to a new realm that our systems weren’t designed for, that our ways of thinking were not designed for,” EVC Simmons explained. “Many staff have worked long hours and were truly innovative in developing answers to unique questions that arose in the remote environment. I’m deeply impressed.

"And at the same time we’ve had staff continue to push ahead on SIS and ESR while dealing personally and professionally with the ongoing crisis. They’ve been absolutely fantastic and they have my respect, admiration and gratitude for all they’ve done.”

What Comes Next

The SIS project is still in its foundational stages. Responses from vendors to our RFP are due July 10 and process mapping exercises will continue through the end of the year. This fall, select vendors will participate in Conference Room Pilots – comprehensive demonstrations of how their solutions can improve UC San Diego’s complex processes and requirements.

In future newsletters, you can expect articles that will explain how SIS is designed to improve the student experience, as well as the importance of process improvement.

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