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Financial Aid Project Steering Committee Formed

Quickly following the decision to move forward with the project to replace our current financial aid system, ProSAM, with a newer system, Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP), a steering committee was formed for the project. 

We understand from experience and research that active and visible sponsorship is the greatest contributor to any project’s success. Our SIS Project’s change management methodology is based on PROSCI practice, and through their global research PROSCI has demonstrated the importance of strong project support. We are thankful to our sponsors and the leaders of the SIS Project and its many ecosystem projects.

Much like the Student Information Systems Committee (SISC) provides leadership and strategic decision making for the SIS Project, the Financial Aid Project's steering committee is charged with ensuring the project’s success through visible, active leadership and support. The committee is composed of the following key project stakeholders and leaders.

  • Marie Carter-Dubois, Associate Vice Chancellor of Resource Administration
  • Rosie Castaneda, Interim Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Kevin Chou, Executive Director, Enterprise Systems Renewal Program
  • Ahren Crickard, Director, Center for Operational Excellence
  • Sara Danford, Project Change Manager
  • Carlos Jensen, SISC Chair and Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Innovation
  • Cindy Lyons, University Registrar
  • Jim Murphy, Interim Associate Dean, School of Medicine
  • Jim Rawlins, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management 
  • Brian Smith, Project Manager
  • Tiffany Swiderski, Director, Graduate Student Financial Support
  • Jonathan Whitman, Senior Director of Student Information Services, IT Services

The Financial Aid Project's steering committee meets on a monthly basis to review project progress, assist the change management and project management teams with strategy and planning, respond to escalated conflicts and make key decisions, especially decisions affecting project scope and timeline. The committee also escalates decisions affecting project budget to the SISC.

We thank everyone on the committee for their active, ongoing support and participation on the project and look forward to continuing to work together to see the project through to its successful completion.

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