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TritonPay 2.0: Revolutionizing the Student Payment Experience

As part of the Enterprise System Renewal (ESR) program’s Student Information System (SIS) project, TritonPay, our current student billing application, will be replaced with a vended solution called Transact.

Transact has already proven effective as it is already the system we use for our campus ID card access, dining dollars, TritonCash, mobile food ordering and laundry service transactions. By extending our use of Transact to create a connected campus ecosystem, students and payers will experience a new, modern user interface that is mobile-centric, supports flexible payment options and offers recurring autopay features.

Why the Change Now?

To keep pace with the latest technology that our students and payers expect when it comes to paying their bills, it makes sense to transition to a solution specializing in integrated payments. Additionally, maintaining our current student billing and payment systems requires ongoing user interface and technical fixes that are not sustainable long-term. 

For numerous reasons, we chose Transact to help transform the student and university payment experience with frictionless payments and cashless solutions. 

Why Transact?

With over 35 years in education and more than 12 million students across its portfolio, Transact provides a holistic solution for support of campus payments, campus ID and campus commerce solutions. Transact is also already successfully in use at eight other UC campuses.

Transact offers payment options such as e-check, credit card, electronic 529 plan payments, international bank wire transfers, TritonCash and much more. It will also offer standard & custom payment plans with recurring autopay options.

With this simplified and streamlined process, we look to resolve the current issues experienced with lost check payments, payment delays, and long resolution timeframes, providing a better experience for our students and their payers. Gayle Ta, Director of Student Financial Solutions and Business Process Owner on the Transact project, adds, “Using a company like Transact will help the university be on the forefront of the ever-changing fintech landscape where students are expecting to manage everything within their mobile device in a seamless and integrated experience.” 

Who & What Will Be Impacted?

Students and authorized payers that use the campus’s financial systems like TritonPay and TritonLink will soon be using the updated TritonPay 2.0 for direct deposits, authorized payers, payment plans (TRIP), etc. 

Student Financial Solutions will manage the configuration and system administration for Transact and will continue to support student billing and payment inquiries for campus partners such as Financial Aid, Housing Dining and Hospitality and Graduate Financial Support.

In preparation for the launch of TritonPay 2.0, we will make sure students know when and how to create payment profiles, reauthorize payers and re-enroll in payment plans.

Project Leadership

The TritonPay 2.0 Project team is responsible for ensuring successful project and change management planning and execution, decision-making, priority setting, and management of risk and escalation. 

We have also established campus partners who are critical to the success of the project and getting the word out to students and other key stakeholders.

We are thankful to our core team members and campus partners for working hard to ensure a successful implementation of the new system. View the TritonPay 2.0 Project team members.

Project Timeline

The TritonPay 2.0 Project team is currently working with the vendor on the design and configuration of the updated system. TritonPay 2.0 is targeting limited system access starting June 15, 2023, to allow students to add authorized payers and create payment profiles. Full system implementation is anticipated to go live this summer, pending system and stakeholder readiness.

Keep Up to Date

Students and authorized payers can sign up for TritonPay 2.0 project email updates to stay informed on the latest news related to the new billing and payment system.

Subscribe to the ESR Program monthly news updates to stay informed, and visit the SIS Project website for more on the project and timeline. Information will be added as the project progresses.

Have questions or concerns about TritonPay 2.0? Reach out to us at


Editor's Note: The dates in the Project Timeline have been changed as of May 15, 2023.


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