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Release of the New TritonPay

We are pleased to announce that the new TritonPay was released on August 2, which will provide improvements to the student payment experience on campus. The implementation team worked hard in preparation for the release of these updates to the student billing and payments system to ensure a successful launch. 

Preparation for the Change

In planning this system implementation, a conscious effort was made to limit the impact of change by approaching the release in three phases:

  • Phase 1 - June 15, 2023: Students with active authorized payers received early partial access to the new system to reauthorize their payers
  • Phase 2 - July 5, 2023: A pilot group of students began using the system for payments and provided feedback to the implementation team 
  • Phase 3 - August 2, 2023: All students and any of their authorized payers started using the new system to view and pay their bills

In addition to the phased approach, the implementation team took the following steps in preparation for the system release:

  • Formed and engaged with the Advisory Committee for guidance and subject matter expertise 
  • Conducted and completed system testing with input from key stakeholders across campus
  • Created tutorial videos and updated knowledge base articles for students and payers based on the new TritonPay system (link to materials provided in the instructional document under the “Supporting Students” section below)
  • Completed system training for internal staff 
  • Held multiple meetings with student-facing units and other key stakeholders to ensure they were prepared to answer student questions about the system
  • Took additional steps to ensure students' ability to make on-time payments was not impacted by the project (see "Supporting Students" below for more details)

Full System Release

Considering the Phase 3 release impacted all students (and their authorized payers) across campus, much work went into preparing students, authorized payers and staff for the launch of the new system.

Project leadership reviewed project readiness at each step in the process and provided input on whether or not the project phases were sufficiently prepared to go-live. This review included addressing system, vendor, and people change readiness, among other key aspects of readiness.

Supporting Students

In order to ensure students do not have issues making payments due to the update in the system, plans between Student Financial Solutions (SFS), the Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid & Scholarships have been put in place to closely monitor non-payment of mandatory registration fees and to communicate to those students for proper resolution, prior to cancellation of their fall quarter enrollment.

With that said, frontline staff will most likely receive questions from students and/or authorized payers about the changes to the system as we approach Fall 2023 payment deadlines. While SFS assists with all things TritonPay, we recommend reviewing and saving this helpful instructional document for frontline staff that provides specific instructions to support students. 

Next Steps

Even though the project to update from the old TritonPay to the new TritonPay will be wrapping up shortly, the SFS team already has some future enhancements and integrations planned for the system including payment plans, housing and admissions deposits, and Campus Card integrations.

SFS will share more information about these enhancements once key payment deadlines for the fall quarter have passed and the implementation team has seen that students are not having any issues paying their bills.

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