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Moving the SIS Project Forward After a Second No Award

By now, you’ve likely seen the Campus Notice informing the University community that we’ve closed the second Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Student Information System (SIS) Project without award and are now going to open a third RFP.

We want to share how critical steps on our SIS journey have informed this decision. Below are key takeaways which stand behind our decision, links to frequently asked questions and a way to contact the SIS project directly.

Key Takeaways

Here's what we want you to understand about this decision.
  • Each of the steps in the project, including both RFPs, have been critical to understanding the current SIS market and how it can (or cannot) help us to achieve the goals of the SIS Project.
  • After reviewing the proposals of the respondents to the second RFP, we did not have the confidence that any responding vendor could deliver what we needed on the timeline we had set for the project. This is why the RFP was closed without an award.
  • We still need a new SIS, but our needs have changed since we first began the search for a new system in 2019. We must now find a system that is currently available on the market and that can meet our evolved needs. This is what we will do with the third RFP.
  • Preparation for the project will continue while we pursue a third RFP and with the goal of completing the preparation work prior to the beginning of the SIS implementation, which we hope will be no later than Summer 2023.
  • With this new development, the revised target go-live date for a new SIS is Winter of 2025. The timeline for implementation has been expanded from 18 months to two years from when we select a vendor in response to feedback from the campus community and lessons learned from previous system implementations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions. We address many of what we believe to be the most likely questions you may have in that list.

Reach Out to Us

Still have questions or concerns that were not addressed in the above? We want to hear from you. Reach out to us at or invite us to your next group meeting where we will be happy to listen to your questions or concerns.

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