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Activity Hubs Update

Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA), the team behind Activity Hub data repositories, is proud to support UC San Diego's COVID-19 remediation efforts:

The team's shift to these important efforts has meant delays for some of our standing projects, and we appreciate your understanding and willingness to remain flexible during this time.

Work has continued, though, on Activity Hub projects throughout this period, and we'd like to update you on progress made and upcoming releases.

Employee Activity Hub (EAH)

The Employee Activity Hub (EAH) successfully went live June 1, with the launch of UCPath at UC San Diego.

Since the launch of EAH:

Access to Employee Data is Changing

Security for EAH employee data will be enhanced to coordinate with UCPath transactional roles on July 20.

Those not in a UCPath transactional role can request access to employee data:

See more about the Employee Activity Hub.

Financial Activity Hub (FinAH)

The Financial Activity Hub (FinAH) release is scheduled for August 15, 2020.

Revised FinAH Timeline

July 9: User acceptance testing begins

  • A small set of Beta Testers are currently running tests against the beta release.
  • More users will be included in testing as FinAH progresses. This will allow report development to start prior to the August launch of FinAH.

July 29 - September 27: Cognos & Tableau developer training

August 15: FinAH Wave 1 launches
  • General Ledger and Advancement (STAR report) data
August 31: FinAH Wave 2  launches
  • PPM and Budget data.

See more about the Financial Activity Hub.

Research Activity Hub (RAH)

In the six months since the successful release of the Research Activity Hub (RAH) and launch of Kuali Research, we've continued to work with the Office of Contracts & Grants (OCGA) to enhance the RAH with new fields and new calculations for easier report development.

See more about the Research Activity Hub.

Student Activity Hub (SAH)

The Student Activity Hub (SAH) continues to be available to a limited number of developers at UC San Diego.

With UC San Diego's conversion to remote learning, Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) data jumped to the top of the list of data sources to be added to SAH. Canvas data is livestreaming into the SAH where it is combined with nightly loads of ISIS (Integrated Student Information System) student records.

We are excited to partner with the campus Teaching + Learning Commons to complete SAH Canvas data User Acceptance Testing.

See more about the Student Activity Hub.

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