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SIS Project: What You Should Know (June 2024)

Key Project Milestones and Progress

Here's a quick summary of what's happened on the SIS project since May's newsletter. You can watch the two-minute video summary or review the bullets below. If you have questions or would like more information about any of the following projects, please reach out to us at


ISIS Replacement

Implementing a new student information system to replace our current system, ISIS, and bring together main campus and Extended Studies on to the same system

  • We are pleased to announce the official UCSD-branded name of our new student information system: the Triton Student System (TSS).
  • The Process Design Workshops for Process Group 1 continued, with the team making progress on the following:
    • Outlining required fields and field values within the student record
    • Testing how courses, programs, and their associated academic units are organized
    • Defining key dates that support the undergraduate, graduate, Division of Extended Studies (DES), School of Medicine, and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS) academic calendars
    • Completing an inventory of current state holds and datacodes to evaluate their relevancy and transition into TSS
  • We finalized the process for sharing the outcomes and deliverables of our Process Design Workshops and soliciting the review and feedback of our advisory and governance committees, as well as subject matter experts from across the university.
    • More information on how you can participate in reviewing and providing feedback on the deliverables of the workshops will be shared in an upcoming newsletter.
  • Our advisory committee had its kickoff meeting, setting the stage for their involvement and guidance throughout the project.
  • We have released a video overview of the project to introduce those who may not be familiar with the project to its key details.
  • We began sharing information about our expectations for the initial release of the TSS and how we’re gathering feedback on what features will be prioritized for the initial release.

Report Remediation

Creating new versions of existing reports using the Student Activity Hub (SAH) as the underlying source for the data

  • The first three QueryLink reports have been redeveloped according to the approved specifications and handed over to the Registrar's Office for initial testing.

Student Financial Planning (SFP)

Replacing our current financial aid system, Pro Student Aid Management (ProSAM), with a new system

  • Project work is currently on hold, awaiting a leadership decision on the timeline and immediate next steps.

Financial Support Payments Tool (FSPT)

Improving graduate student funding processing by building a new tool (FSPT) to replace the existing Financial Support Request Tool (FSRT)


Introducing the CourseLeaf curriculum system (CIM) to UC San Diego to support and streamline the curriculum process, from planning to implementation to assessment

  • All necessary form field requirements for the design of the programs (curriculum) approval form have been gathered.
  • The team continued progress on designing the prototype of the approval form within the CourseLeaf CIM system, moving steadily toward a functional and user-friendly interface.
  • A thorough assessment of potential project risks was conducted and respective team members were assigned to plan and document how we would respond to those risks should they come to fruition. 
  • We verified the future state workflow processes with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure alignment with the CourseLeaf CIM approval form's design
  • The team continued to develop project success criteria.

Note: CourseLeaf does not handle course content, which will continue to be managed through the learning management system (LMS), Canvas.

uAchieve Transfer Articulation

Implementing transfers and articulations, predefined and one-off, within the existing uAchieve system

  • The project team, along with end-users across campus, completed user acceptance testing (UAT) for Advanced Placement (AP). 
  • A rules reconciliation process was created to maintain in uAchieve and ISIS.
Visit the SIS Project work webpage to learn more about any of the projects above and other ESR SIS projects.
The Change Team has open office hours on the first Tuesday of every month from 2:05 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. via Zoom. Our next office hours will be Tuesday, July 2, 2024. We encourage you to join us to ask questions or share your feedback.

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